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Most people don’t like to discuss debts and, indeed, financial matters involving debts, income, expenses, and savings. Although it may be irrational, many people feel embarrassed about seeking advice or talking about their debts. A majority of people in the U.S. are in debt in one way or another. The total consumer debt in the U.S. rose to $13.86 trillion in 2019. These are things like credit cards, mortgages, and student debts.

Being in debt can be frustrating, especially if you can’t seem to shake it off. If you’re struggling to get out of debt, here are a few tips that can help you along.

Create a Manageable Payment Plan

Begin by making a detailed list of all your debts, including those with recurrent payments and defaulted debts. Find out how much you owe, and how much the debts are actually costing you by failing to make timely payments. From there, make a payment plan based on your income to clear at least some of the pressing debts. Prioritize on paying off the loans with short payment period first, and make small, consistent payments on the bigger debts.

Cut Down on Borrowing

Once you realize that you have a debt problem, you should consider borrowing less or not borrowing any more if it’s at all possible. Most borrowers find themselves in a cyclic habit of taking loans to clear other debts. Doing this only extends the problem and doesn’t really solve anything.

Seek Professional Help

Accept that you have a problem and agree to meet with Rescue One Financial or any other financial advisor near you, to help sort out the situation. A financial expert can help you come up with practical solutions, and even facilitate services, such as loan consolidation and settlement.

Debt is nothing to be ashamed of; financial institutions and even your own lenders can help you resolve your debts, but only if you seek out the help. Take advantage of the existing financial services to solve your debt problem.