If you are a business owner in Singapore and want to succeed online, keep in mind some important points. The first and foremost important point is local SEO. You need to have a solid local SEO profile to attract users and convert them into paying customers. One of the best ways to build a solid local SEO profile is Google reviews. Remember that customers love reviews with mixed reactions instead of just plain positive remarks. When a business has thousands of reviews and all of them are positive, it sends a red signal out there. So, instead of doing this, focus on getting mixed reviews in 80:20 or 85:25 ratio.

It’s a strategic way to ensure that your potential customers believe everything written on your search engine page. What you can do is contact a good online marketing firm like Media One and ask it to help you build a great Google review profile. It has the necessary expertise, tools, and people to make it happen for you in a short period. Get in touch with it now and have a wonderful time in terms of acquiring customers online.