A car is becoming a necessity in modern India, with most families getting at least one four-wheeler for easy commute and comfort. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates all cars to have at least third-party insurance for four-wheelers in India. These policies offer coverage for damage to a third-party person or property due to an accident caused by the insured car. However, they do not cover damages to the insured car. Hence, many people opt for a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance plan.

Talking about cars, Maruti Suzuki is one of the most trusted names in four-wheelers in India. The Maruti Ciaz is a premium sedan offering a luxurious driving experience along with stunning looks and revolutionary technology. If you are buying one, you might want to consider opting for a Ciaz insurance for complete protection.

Maruti Ciaz – Features

  • There are five variants available:
    1. Sigma
    2. Delta
    3. Zeta
    4. Alpha
    5. Ciaz S
  • Smart Hybrid Technology
  • Smartplay Studio
  • Spacious Interiors
  • High-performance engine
  • Cruise Control
  • Tilt Steering
  • Multi-information display
  • Push Start-Stop button
  • Rear AC vent
  • Rear Sunshade
  • Adequate boot space
  • Rear reading lamps
  • Automatic transmission

In recent years, many providers have started offering Maruti Suzuki Ciaz car insurance plans via online platforms like websites and mobile apps. This article will look at the benefits of purchasing Ciaz car insurance online.

Advantage #1: Helps reduce costs

Traditionally, car owners had to visit the office of the insurer/agent, submit physical documents, and complete the process of buying a car insurance policy offline. This was a time-consuming process and often involved multiple trips to the agent/insurer. Also, it was very difficult to compare providers and plans since all information was in physical booklets.

With an increase in digitisation and the use of the internet for buying products and services, many insurers have started offering online Ciaz insurance plans. You can complete the entire process online and save the time and money you would otherwise spend by visiting the insurer/agent. You can also choose add-on covers per your needs and use the free online calculator to estimate the impact on the premium.

Some popular add-on covers are zero depreciation or bumper-to-bumper car insuance, roadside assistance, NCB protection, etc. Lastly, you can easily compare providers and plans to find the most cost-efficient policy for your needs. But remember, add-ons can influence your Maruti Suzuki Ciaz insurance price, so choose the add-ons carefully.

Advantage #2: You can get the best features

Since comparing policies and their features is easier online, you can go through the policy wordings of multiple insurers and compare them hassle-free. Hence, you can look for a plan that offers the best features as per your needs.

Advantage #3: Limited scope of miscommunication

Traditionally, many car owners were unsatisfied with their policies because their insurance agents misinformed them about certain features and/or benefits. When you buy a policy online, you do not require an agent. You can look for information online by visiting the insurance company’s official website.

Advantage #4: A simple buying process

Compared to the offline process, the online Ciaz insurance buying process is much simpler. All you need to do is enter the details of your car and your personal information and select the IDV, deductible, and add-on covers. Using this information, the insurer will provide an instant quote for the premium. If this is within your budget, then you can pay the premium online. Once the insurer receives the payment, your policy documents are emailed to you. Hence, buying car insurance online is simple and hassle-free.

Summing Up

Every year, the number of accidents and collisions is rising. Besides the risk of getting injured, disabled, or killed, car owners also have to bear the financial burden of repairs if they cause an accident. A comprehensive Ciaz car insurance plan offers complete protection to car owners, including third-party liability cover and own damage cover. Make sure you compare providers and plans and choose the best policy for your needs. Good Luck!