In a studio or recording environment, two main kinds of microphones are used. They are Dynamic microphone and Condenser Microphone. The third type is known as the Ribbon Microphone, but its usage hasn’t been widespread yet.

Dynamic microphone

These microphones are good all rounder microphones as they can be used for vocals, recording drums, and guitar arms. They don’t need a power supply. They are affordable and the most common types of dynamic microphones are Shure SM57 and Shure SM58. These microphones are sturdier and more reliable for the artists playing live, recording vocals or guitars at a high pitch and swing their microphones. They also make a lot of noise before they begin to distort so if you are using heavier guitars and more aggressive vocals live, then these are the microphones you are looking for. When it comes to the technical bits, they use a moving coil magnetic diaphragm to give away the audio signals and can handle high Sound Pressure Levels or SPL. If you have a keen interest to know about TV mics, we have something for you too!

Condenser microphone

These microphones are perfect for recording vocals or acoustic guitars. They are also ideal for precision recording and subtle notes on pianos or acoustic guitars. They need power supply to work and they are quite sensitive to breathing and popping. As these microphones are sensitive and they have a conductive diaphragm that vibrates with sound pressure and use the capacitance to make audio signal they are prone to distort at higher sound levels, hence not perfect for recording guitar amps up close. You may notice a condenser mic equipped with a pop shield or popper stopper filter placed in front when recording vocals. This is done as to halt the extra air pressure vibrating the microphone. Because these microphones are sensitive, you get a natural and transparent recording with a condenser microphone.

Ribbon microphones

These are the most sensitive microphones. They are ideal for choirs, vocals, strings, piano, and woodwind. They are ideal for recording multiple musical instruments in a room. They emit a vintage vibe. They are expensive and are deemed for the recording aficionado and for those as well who want a vintage vibe in their recording. These mics can record the complete room with finesses and higher notes related to woodwind or strings. Hence, these mics are famous for recording a wide range of acoustic instruments.