A mobile caterer serves the food directly from a vehicle or cart, mainly designed for the purpose. Mobile catering is most common at some of the outdoor events such as concerts and in workplaces. The mobile kitchen or the food truck is the modified van having the barbecue grill, deep fryer, or some of the essential cooking equipment. This service offers more flexibility in the menu as the vendor can prepare food as per the order and the fresh foods in advance. Some of the facts about mobile catering Sydney have been discussed in this article.

Important aspects to consider while choosing mobile catering services.

  1. One should take into account the type of event. The corporate event is not the same as the public one. The catering service must be suitable for the event’s style and even the underlying theme or the concept.
  2. The next important aspect of consideration is the types of guests. Just like the style of any event, the type of guest needs to be taken into consideration. This detail will help someone define their guests’ particular needs and the type of catering service they need.  One also needs to take into account the number of guests into consideration.
  3. One should be clear about the specialties of different catering services. One may require a different style to match their event’s theme or concept, such as Mexican, fresh produce, vegetarian, and desserts.
  4. One should not forget to take references from the previous customers. One should check those clients who previously have used the desired catering services and seek both positive and negative opinions.
  5. Before choosing any particular mobile catering service in Sydney, it is better to go for a taste test.

Different types of mobile catering services to know about

There are mainly different types of mobile catering services that are available. Some of them are:

  1. Street cart, or otherwise known as a food cart, is a motorless trailer that mainly uses a hand, bicycle, or automobile.  These can be mainly seen on public sidewalks and parks. These carts do have heating devices or a refrigerator that can keep the food ready for consumption.
  2. Food Truck typically carries stocks of the prepared foods, which enable the vendor to sell a large volume. For example, are ice cream vans.
  3. Mobile Kitchens are modified vans having built-in cooking equipment such as a deep fryer or grill. The vendor normally prepares the food inside the van.
  4. The concession trailer is like a mobile kitchen. This has the preparation equipment, but the same can not move on its own.

One should hire a catering service which mainly complies with food safety standards. This essentially includes hygiene and health obligations for the food handlers to reduce any incidence of food-borne disease.

The mobile catering services are in great demand, as people love to try out different types of cuisine.