Selecting a platform for launching an ecommerce site in Singapore can be overwhelming. One fact is, however, encouraging- Singaporeans love to shop online, and there’s enough scope for both small and large ecommerce sites to thrive. Besides Shopify and WooCommerce, BigCommerce has emerged as a great platform for ecommerce Singapore. Here’s is an overview.

The basics of BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers a lot of features that are similar to Shopify, but the latter is more flexible and definitely has a lot more themes to choose from. The payment options on BigCommerce are limited, but the platform is improving and many big companies are using this over other options. If you don’t know much about coding and website management, BigCommerce is a great option, because it offers features that are super easy to use. Also, there is no transaction fee, which is an advantage over Shopify. BigCommerce is designed for mobile and it can be integrated with Google Shopping.

The downside, as we mentioned, are limited themes, so if you want your ecommerce site to look a certain way, you must go for paid theme. Overall, BigCommerce fares well and is probably better than WooCommerce for larger sites but doesn’t compare to Shopify in terms of themes.