When it comes to marketing your business digitally, there are many ways that you can increase your sales other than using your website. Social media is an excellent platform that you can grow awareness of your brand, and increase sales, and these channels also allow you to interact with your audience directly. Below are some of the social media platforms that you may wish to consider using to help take your business to where you want it to be.


Facebook is the biggest social media network globally, which also makes it an excellent platform to advertise your business on using Facebook ads. You can also use it to interact with your customers and answer questions that people have about your products or services. As with most paid advertising online, to get the most out of your campaign and ensure a return on investment, you may wish to use a professional agency to run your campaign.


Instagram is another popular social media network, and if you have physical products, it is an excellent place to showcase them. Instagram also offer a paid advertising service, and Instagram ads can be a perfect way to increase your sales and increase your profits. Many digital agencies that manage paid advertising will also offer Instagram campaign management, so you can have an expert getting the most out of your advertising campaign on Instagram.


If your company provides professional services for business, then the LinkedIn platform is an excellent choice. LinkedIn is a professional network for businesses and people, and it allows you to target the decision-makers directly, getting your ads in front of the people making the decisions. A poorly run campaign can be expensive and show little return on investment, which is why you should consider using a professional agency to run your campaign.


Another platform increasing in popularity every day is TikTok, a social media network based on short videos. TikTok is proving to be extremely popular with the younger generations, so if this is a market your company is targeting, you may wish to consider utilising this platform to help increase sales.


Twitter is another social media network that offers paid ads and is an excellent way to target potential customers. You can use images, videos, and text in your ads on Twitter, and you can target your audience precisely using the personalised ads. If your business already uses Twitter and has a large following, you may wish to use Twitter ads to increase sales and take your business to the next level.