Dogs don’t like the loud sounds of fireworks. New Year’s celebration can be a terrible day for your dog if you don’t focus on keeping it busy. Objects like puzzle toys for dogs accompanied by classical music can help your dog forget about the sounds of fireworks. Usually, these sounds do not last more than an hour, which is when people celebrate the arrival of the new year. With dog treat puzzles toys, you can keep your furry friend focused on getting its delicious snack by helping it deal with the sounds of fireworks. It’s not about your dog not hearing the sounds, it’s about your dog understanding that those sounds do not represent a danger to your pet.

Teach your dog that there is nothing to fear

Loud sounds frighten people and animals alike. Just as you learn that the sounds of fireworks are not dangerous, your dog can get used to them. Dogs are more open to learn when they associate a sound with an activity. For example, if you make sounds with the leash before going for a walk with your dog, it will know what that sound means. This is what is known as “conditioning”. You need to condition your dog and take the toys out when the fireworks start to go off. After two or three years, your dog will start jumping for joy when it hears the fireworks because it will know it’s time to play. Instead of toys, you can also give it some of its favorite snacks. The important thing is that he gets something positive when the fireworks go off.

Start from scratch

Some people make the mistake of subjecting their dogs to the sounds of fireworks by taking them outside. That is, the dog will hear the sound louder because there are no barriers such as walls to muffle it. This will cause fear in your dog as dogs can hear sounds that humans cannot. Ideally, your dog should be in a room with music and toys for the first year. Your four-legged friend will go into alert mode when it starts to hear the fireworks, so be prepared to say something funny to divert its attention. Repeat the process for the next two years. From the fourth year onwards, you can try to take your dog out, but repeat the pattern of using toys or a snack to distract its attention. It takes time to train your dog, so be very patient.