The one benefit that attracts people to streaming movies online is the convenience these services offer. You are able to watch as many movies as you want without worrying about how it happens. The speed is usually superfast and you could think that the movie you are watching is stored right in your hard disk when it is in fact stored somewhere thousands of miles away. However, what if the speed is removed from the equation and movies are no longer streaming seamlessly like they should? What if the video has to buffer for 30 seconds after every minute? That would be very frustrating and it sucks the fun out of the watching. However, you don’t have to deal with such problems anymore. There are several hacks that you can follow to improve your streaming experience no matter what site or device you are watching your video from.

Here are three of the most important hacks you should use to avoid issues related with excessive buffering and slow-loading movies.

 Disconnect devices not in use from your internet connection

This century has seen so many technological developments, especially in the internet subsector. Internet connectivity has been introduced into many devices that formerly used to be stand-alone. For instance, in a standard home today, you can make yourself a cup of coffee without having to leave the bed in the morning. You can also use your phone to know if the door to your fridge is open or closed. Home security system can also be managed easily on your phone. All these are positive improvements that make life easier and more comfortable. However, if you are into movie streaming, you may need to cut back a little bit on how many devices you get connected to your home internet connection before you stream your movies.

Every device you add to your network connection slows down your internet slightly and can cause slow-loading movies when you are streaming. Thus, you can avoid this by disconnecting some devices right before you start streaming.

Delete temporary cache and internet files

In order for web pages to display well in a browser, there are thousands of small files that are downloaded and stored on your computer. When you are done with the page and decide to close it, these files are deleted before your browser closes. However, if you decide to shut down your computer before you close your browser, these files are left undeleted. What this does is that it strains your computer and makes streaming speeds to go down.

To avoid this problem, you should go to settings in your browser and clear history and recent internet files. This removes an extra load that would otherwise restrain your computer.

Try ethernet in place of WiFi

WiFi of today is very omnipotent and devices that receive internet wirelessly from a router are not able to receive data at the same speed as devices that are connected through a wired connection. Thus, unless it is completely necessary, you should consider using an Ethernet cable in place of wireless internet connection when you are streaming free online movies full length.