Webcasting is a technology that allows you to stay in contact and connect with your customers all around the world. It also allows you to speak to a wider and larger set of audience and also listen and at the same time respond to the audience in real time without any disturbance is the key goal by the use of webcasts. However, it is in the hands of the people to choose the best webcasts like Virtual AGM Singapore as it may benefit them in many ways.  There are some different variety of webcasting applications that help in maintain external relationships, the applications include,

Marketing: In general terms, webcasts can be used for marketing updates regarding sale and also used for marketing purposes.

Educational: Teaching customers and also clients about all your products and services can help them in viewing you as a person of subject matter expert.

Q&A Sessions: This important chat feature of the webcasts allows companies to interact and respond to questions asked by clients to make the process a little easier.

Customer Service and Support: All these webcasting applications can be beneficial to your company in a different variety of ways. It offers a great customer support which requires visual content and also long distance communication.

Press Conferences: Webcasts are one of the most perfect applications for interactive and also far-reaching press conferences.

Special Events: On any special conferences or events that people who are out of state cannot attend can easily be broadcasted to attend the event.