More and more businesses aim to create a secure and well-protected environment when it comes to warehouses, office spaces and more. The trusted and intuitive Surveillance Station software by Synology allows for a network of IP cameras to safeguard any business effectively. However, to connect additional IP cameras to your Surveillance Station software, licenses are needed that grant the connection between video footage and NAS storage. When you purchase the very first of your NAS solution, a standard of two licenses are included upon installment. Yet when your business is expanding, so is your surveillance system. This demands you to obtain additional camera licenses. Fortunately, issuing Synology camera licenses has been fully automated by trusted Synology partners, allowing you to scale up your Surveillance Station within minutes.

Optimal compatibility

The reason why Synology is the best chosen supplier of surveillance software, is the far-reaching applicability and compatibility. Synology manages to develop software that is compatible with nearly any IP camera on the market. A Synology license can thus be seen as the monetary exchange for the use of complex software requiring continual development in order to fit each and any IP camera around. This puts your purchase in perspective as you in fact pay for a maximum level of service in the future.

Depending on the type of IP camera you decide to add to your Surveillance Station network, either one license or multiple licenses are needed to install the desired devices. Authorized online resellers of Synology licenses then provide you with a Synology license pack which either consist of 4 or 8 packs, allowing you to scale up instantly.

Installment upon request

Trusted Synology resellers offer license packs to be transferred through email instantly. Through automated systems, your purchase is registered and sent to you in a matter of seconds after receiving your payment.  You can thus start to expand your surveillance system instantly.

When you decide to scale up your system, make sure you have enough storage. Depending on the number of IP cameras your Synology NAS server supports, you may be required to add up on storage to facilitate expansion.

Choose your trusted reseller

Are you scaling up and do you want to add IP cameras to your system? Find the best Synology license resellers online and benefit from trusted automated systems that enable you to get started within minutes. Through these partners, license packs are issued day and night, preventing delay and allowing you to move on to installment instantly.