Energy efficiency at home is so often talked about and encouraged, but energy efficiency for businesses big and small is just as important. There are 5.6 million small businesses in the UK, many with dedicated premises. Besides looking after the environment, energy efficiency has a lot to offer.

In this article, we’ll explore why it’s so important for business owners to consider and what steps can be taken to make their ventures more sustainable.

Why is energy efficiency important for a business?

First, there’s the obvious benefit of reducing energy consumption for the benefit of the planet. A lower carbon footprint means businesses are contributing less to global warming and climate change, which is somewhat of a moral duty individuals and businesses have in common.

However, businesses also benefit greatly from focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability. It can be used to attract and retain more environmentally-conscious consumers and often bolsters marketing and branding efforts.

And there’s no doubt about the financial benefits. Reducing your energy consumption means you face lower utility bills and overheads which can increase your profitability significantly. With extra cash in the business account, you can invest in what matters most to your small business.

Steps to improve the energy efficiency of your business

The energy efficiency of your small business largely depends on your premises, whether that’s a garage, shop, workshop or studio. Energy efficiency may be improved by doing the following:

  • Upgrading heating systems: Heating commercial spaces often requires a lot of energy, so revamping your heating system could help you make more of the energy you use. Upgrades might be in the form of a new boiler, replacing central heating pumps or installing new systems such as heat pumps to use less energy.
  • Installing better insulation: Insulation limits heat and energy loss from your premises. If your commercial space is lacking or has old insulation, this could be a productive avenue to go down. There are so many different types of insulation these days, from foam boards to rock wools and other natural alternatives. Stopping draughts is also worth it to prevent heat loss.
  • Utilising renewable energy: One of the most popular ways for businesses to improve their energy efficiency is by harnessing renewable energy sources. Wind turbines and solar panels are more affordable these days and can be a good long-term investment for small businesses. Savings over time can repay the cost of installation and everything from there is profit back in your pocket.