If you are a website owner, you should have known the importance of having dependable web hosting. Web hosting keeps your site up and running. Without dependable hosting, your site will frequently experience server downtime which can lead to serious business consequences. Thus, if you are really serious about the success of your website ensure it is in good hands. However, picking the right web host can be difficult as you have to pick from a myriad of choices.

Before you choose the right web host, make sure to think carefully. Let this web hosting guide help you make the right decisions in terms of your web hosting needs.

Avoid Buying the Free Domain Offers

Although a free domain sounds nice, it doesn’t usually give the benefits you need. First of all, think about the domain’s owner. Although it is free, the hosting provider will retain ownership of this domain. Falling for this gimmick can get you stuck with the company for all time or obligate to pay a significant amount of money to buy your domain back.

Moreover, the free domain they are usually talking about is usually just the first year of use. After the first year, you will need to renew your web hosting services and the provider will charge you with a huge fee.

Don’t Be Forgiving in Terms of Unusual Site Outages

Your website or the site of your web host will normally experience a down time but it should not occur for a period of more than 24 hours. If you experience any outage, your web host should give you an explanation or an advance notice. Otherwise, it should be a cause for concern and must be investigated.

Don’t Let your Domain and Hosting Live Together

As a website owner, you must find an honest and dependable registrar from the get-go. Keep in mind that your domain name is your online identity which makes it a priceless asset. Meanwhile, your web host exists to accommodate your website. Although it is simpler to combine your domain name and web host, it will not be beneficial when both of your web host and domain will crush.

Don’t Just Depend on your Web Host Backup

Even if you trust your web host, you want to always perform your own backup on a regular basis. You can save the backup on your own computer or a separate server location.